Harnessing nature through science

Bridge Farm Bioscience is at the forefront of plant research and development in the UK. Since 2018, our industry leading experts in cultivation, extraction, and plant chemistry have been applying their knowledge alongside the latest technology and innovation, to harness the transformative properties of plants.


The true definition of vertically integrated, at Bridge Farm Bioscience we have the capability to operate across the full value chain from our state of the art facility in the UK. From breeding and genetics, to large scale cultivation, extraction, product development and manufacture, we can demonstrate full transparency throughout.

Research & Development

Our research and development team have been working for nearly 5 years to refine the cultivation and extraction processes involved in the manufacture of plant-derived molecules.


With flexible high-tech cultivation blocks and the latest extraction and analytical testing equipment, our team of experts have the capability to carry out a range of trials, testing and data analysis to assess purity and potency of plant molecules at all stages of the development process.

Investing for Growth

With a growing number of businesses looking to use plant-derived molecules to meet the health and wellbeing needs of their consumers, we have invested over £10m to service this market opportunity.


With a newly commissioned UK bioscience facility, built to an unrivalled scale at 32,000m², we have the ability to deliver consistent, high-quality and purity plant-derived ingredients and products to UK standards.

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