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Meet the Team

Advancing Plant Science

Our Bridge Farm Bioscience team are a group of passionate individuals that collectively are focused on unlocking the benefits that plant molecules can deliver. Our team of experts unite science and technology to create sustainable products for a greener future.

Andrew Fuller

Group Technical & Cultivation Director

With a degree in Commercial Horticulture and over 20 years’ experience, Andrew is a research and development specialist in the efficiency and sustainability of protected crop production.


With commercial experience in technical and operational roles, Andrew brings a wealth of expertise to our large-scale operation, delivering innovation, optimising quality, and maximising efficiency.

Professor Ray Marriott

Chief Scientific Officer

Ray is a leading expert with over 30 years’ experience in natural product chemistry and CO₂ extraction. A research fellow at Bangor University for over 10 years, Ray has both academic and commercial experience in projects from laboratory to large scale manufacture.


A published author and holder of a number of patents relating to CO₂ processes, Ray is widely regarded in his field of expertise.


Our team of cultivators use their expertise in plant science to produce crops with high yields of beneficial molecules. Using their extensive experience in protected crop cultivation to optimise the growing conditions in our state of the art glasshouse, they can deliver the superior level of quality and consistency that is required for the highest regulatory standards.

Product Developers

Our team of product developers use their technical knowledge and creativity to identify and develop plant-derived ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care markets. At all stages from product concept through to formulation design, pilot plant prototypes and commercial production, our product developers focus on delivering best product design alongside safety and legal compliance.

Analytical Chemists

Our team of analytical chemists use the latest equipment to test, analyse and fully characterise the crops we grow at all stages of the process from fresh biomass material through to finished product formulation. Operating to strict quality systems our analytical chemists ensure we are able to fully assess the quality, strength and stability of our plant-derived molecules and extracts.

Chemical Engineers

Our team of chemical engineers use their expert knowledge of manufacturing and technology to develop and optimise the production processes we use to extract plant-derived molecules and extracts. From the development of early stage concept studies, through to troubleshooting large scale commercial plants, our chemical engineers ensure we produce consistent, superior quality products.

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